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Support Eugene Lagutsko

Dear all!

I’m Diana, and I’m asking you to support my special child Eugene

Lagutko Eugene (5 years), Baranovichi

The diagnosis: cerebral palsy, double hemiplegia, spastic tetraparesis, learning disability

Born at the 30th week of pregnancy. For two weeks he was on artificial lung ventilation and ate through the tube. Having started breathing independently, Eugene was transferred to Children's Hospital, where he subsequently became worse – started having frequent apnea episodes. The child’s deteriorated sharply.

Now Eugene is five years old. And for all five years we’ve been on constant treatment sessions, also taking expensive medications. We‘ve been on many rehab courses in "Mother and Child", centre "Turpentine", "Tonus" centre. Also were treated in the clinic Kozijavkin (Truskavets), in Lithuanian sanatorium "Belarus" and had two courses of rehabilitation in China (Funds “Planet of Good” and “Opeka”helped raise funds).

Eugene fights for his health, he is a very strong, patient and grateful child. He has a good progress: started crawling, recently has started tolerating sitting for a short while (of course with support, but we are very happy). He has even started talking (saying mom, dad, baba, ded, go, aw-aw, yes, no). But now our main problem is Eugene’s hands, they are very tight. And without the help of the hands it is not possible to learn to crawl, sit, stand and then to walk. Hands play an important role in this process. After all, in life, every minute we make something with our hands, the whole future life requires precisely coordinated movements of hands and fingers such as dressing, eating, and performing a wide variety of everyday activities. Even sitting in a wheelchair a person can be socially adapted, if he can manage moving with their own hands. At the moment, all my focus is on rehabilitation in this direction! I'm doing everything possible to organize a proper treatment! But, unfortunately, I cannot pay for the treatment he needs. I'm officially caring for a disabled child, which I’m getting paid for, but the money is not enough of course. And I also have another child and no partner to share my responsibilities. The main part of the income is spent on treatment of Eugene. Currently he needed money for surgery to help to reduce tension in the muscles and relax them, and it costs 25,000 Russian rubles. And in September, we are expected to go to the rehab center  for children with cerebral palsy (in Beijing), for the course of 2 months at the cost of $ 8500 (with the flight). For us it is a chance to teach Eugene to sit independently, and to start looking after himself. I kindly ask all caring people to participate in the fate of my child and help him have a better quality of life!

With respect and hope for help Lagutko Diana!


+375 29 802 01 80 Lagutko Diana. (Eugene’s mom)

+375 16 362 55 41 (home phone)

Banking details:

Charity accounts opened in №802 branch of OJSC "Belarusbank"

UNP 200369858; MFI 150501245

Belarusian rubles:

Transit account number 3819382109656

Charity account number 000054

US Dollars:

Transit account number 3819382112542

Charity account number 000098


Transit account number 3819382112542

Donation account number 000016


Baranovichi, Domeyko st., 25-41, Zip Code: 225405

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-EasyPay № 44939025

-yandex money 4100 1405 9096 694

- WebMoney.

Ruble: R120154220757

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EURO: E414775473440

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Support Eugene Lagutsko
Support Eugene Lagutsko


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