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Fundrasing for Ksenia Buinitskaya


We are asking you to help save our child - 3-year-old daughter Ksenia.


Like everyone else, we just lived, were happy and never thought we would have to seek help of strangers. Only your humanity and mercy is the only way to save our baby !!!

My daughter was born on time, healthy and strong. She only had flues, all vaccinations are done on time. Cheerful, smiling, lively, sociable and very inquisitive, our girl was going to go to kindergarten. No signs of trouble, but one day Ksenia had pain in her leg, there was a slight limp, just a week after she was complaining of unbearable pain. We went to the emergency room, where she was diagnosed with a preliminary diagnosis - children's arthritis. We went for treatment in the 4th Children's Hospital in Minsk. A full examination on abdominal ultrasound revealed a tumor of the right adrenal. Then she was sent to the State Oncology Centre Borovlyany where on the August 14, 2015 Ksenia got terrible diagnosis - stage IV neuroblastoma of the right adrenal with metastases in the para-aortic lymph nodes and bone marrow. It was like a death sentence. CANCER. Our world collapsed in an instant ... How could this happen to a perfectly healthy, cheerful and always active child?

Faced with such a grief, our life has changed dramatically, divided into "before" and "after." The meaning of our lives was to save her daughter, at any cost!

Ksenia had 6 chemotherapy blocks for tumor removal operation, MIBG-therapy, high-dose chemotherapy with auto transplant of peripheral stem cells.

The treatment gave a positive result, which confirms the conclusion of MIBG-scintigraphy, traversed 31.05.2016g.

Our treatment approved in Belarus is almost completed. But in countries such as Germany, England, Israel and the United States for patients with positive dynamics in the underlying protocol treatment, antibody therapy, they have a practice, which helps the body to completely destroy single cancer cells, preventing the risk of recurrence, which is common for the disease.

We contacted several foreign clinic for antibody therapy. Israeli hospital Schneider agreed to take us for the treatment. The total cost for treatment in the hospital is 355 700 $.

We understand that it is an expensive treatment and we can’t cover it ourselves. But we must do everything possible to save her child !!!

Therefore we ask you and ask you to provide any possible assistance and support the dreams of a little girl -  just to live !!!

Sincerely, Buynitsky family.


Location: Republic of Belarus, Minsk, st. Casimir, 27, kv.36

Phones: +375 (29) 577 22 October Tatiana, Ksenia’s mom

                    +375 (29) 315 87 80 Denis, Ksenia’s dad


Banking details:

Charity accounts opened in branch 510 Belarusbank - Minsk, Kuybysheva Str, 18; UNP 100633430; MFO 153001603:

- Belarusian Ruble - Transit account 3819382100008 for the charity account  000006 in branch 510/421, unlimited

- Russian Ruble - Transit account 3819382103249 for the charity account  000002 in branch 510/421, unlimited

- US Dollars - Transit account 3819382103249 for the charity account  000004 in branch 510/421, unlimited

- Euro - Transit account 3819382103249 for the charity account  000002 in branch 510/421, unlimited

Payment purpose: for treatment of Buynitskaya Ksenia.

MTS +375 29 5621066 Buynitsky Denis Petrovich

EasyPay 46142156



Fundrasing for Ksenia Buinitskaya


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