Let's help Yana Yaruta

Hello, we are writing to you with a huge request for help! The beginning of our history can be found here 

"Our Yanais 6 years old. Very slowly, but still she is developing thanks to daily work. But I would compare Yana’s development with the children’s mobile that parents hang over the babies’ cribs when it’s winded up, it goes round and sings, but gradually it runs out, and the music is getting slower and slower until it is stopped. Same story with Yana: good rehabilitation gives her a proper push to the development and our work with her. She learns well that it allows us to go on with our domestic classes that also give a greater feedback, but gradually, like a carousel, the "charge" comes to an end, and further work does not bring an adequate response. Therefore, she needs to go on the rehabilitation courses to give the child another push and the ability to further development and for us parents a way to communicate with specialists that suggest where we have to improve our work with the child. Thanks to all caring people we have been on rehabilitation with Jana in Russia and China. China has given us very good results: Yana started crawling on all fours, to say "yes" or "no" when asked, now our her communication is based on leading questions about what she would like or check educational methods that can be answered "yes" or "no." Yana began to ask going on a potty, mostly showing gestures, which is also very important for us. Now Yana can walk a little, holding to a stick, or with support at her pelvis. Now we would really like to have that rehab course done in the Polish intensive rehabilitation center "Olinek," where many Belarusian kids had good results in the development. Mainly due to the treatment by the method of Professor Tomatis many nonspeaking children begin to talk. Jana really wants to learn to speak, as the communication with  "yes" and "no" level is not enough for her now, she gets very upset when trying to say something to us, but we do not understand. Regular sessions with a speech therapist has not given such an opportunity, she needs a push from the inside. The condition for treatment by the method of professor Tomatis is a block of at least 4 courses with an interval between the first and second course of no more than 4-6 weeks, so we ask all concerned people to support us and to get to the treatment center for intensive rehabilitation "Olinek." So that it becomes the push to wind up her little mobile and get her started on the proper speech.

The estimated cost of the treatment of 8,500 euros.



(+37529) 744-28- 48 - Anastasia, Yana’s mother

(8-017) 221-52- 02 - home number

Banking details:

Charity accounts opened in №614 branch of OJSC "Belarusbank" - Minsk, Karbishev str, 13, - 2

UNP 600052608

MFO 153001520

- Belarusian rubles - transit account №3819382106084 to the charity account №000002 in branch number 614/61

- Euro - transit account №3819382118580 to the charity account №000001 in branch number 614/61

- Russian rubles - transit account №3819382118580 to the charity account №000001 in branch number 614/61

- US dollars - №3819382118580 transit account to the charity account №000001 in branch number 614/61

Payment: To be admitted to the charity account in the name of Anastasia Yaruta for treatment of Yaruta Yana

Million thanks to everyone in advance!!!"


Let's help Yana Yaruta
Let's help Yana Yaruta


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