July heat in the Fund

 To tell you the truth we have never had a summer like this at all – Life was boiling which suited perfectly well the weather outside.

In July our Fund has taken several groups of children from Gorodische children orphanage for recuperation. During the whole month we managed to cover 4 groups of kids with the help of Burren Chernobyl sponsorship and surely with the great support of our Belarusian volunteers. The children have been to amusement parks, Zoo, botanical garden, circus, children’s rail way, Hill of Glory and surely in McDonalds. 

The light in the eyes of the children is the most precious gratitude for the time spent with them, for work of many people who were trying their best to bring joy and happy moments in the lives of the kids.

Council of the charity Fund would like to express deep gratitude to:

  • Director of the Zoo, Minsk
  • Director of botanical garden, Minsk 
  • Director of Gorky Park, Minsk, 
  • Belorussian volunteers Katerina Sutyrina, Natalia Baranovskaya, Alexandra Popruzhenko, Anna Chernysh 
  • Volunteers of Charity organization “Sofia”, 
  • The sfaff of “Dobra tut”: deputy director Yuri Kruk, Head of the Council Tamara Bukhteeva, member of the Council Tatsiana Zhukovskaya, member of the Council Irina Zhishko and also to the volunteer Teresa Gmyza,  
  • Burren Chernobyl Committee for sponsorship and Irish volunteers for support 
  • Administration of Yanka Kuala Museum,

Thank you very much to all of you for you kind help, good mood and joy that you brought to the children!


July heat in the Fund
July heat in the Fund


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