Hot volunteer summer 2010

Hot volunteer summer 2010

Summer 2010 was really fruitful. Lots of groups of volunteers from Ireland – Burren Chernobyl Project’s, Help to Cherven Orphans’ volunteers - visited children orphanages in Cherven and Gorodische. They have done fantastic work with kids and young adults with special needs: they played with them, looked after them, arranged trips to Minsk to the Zoo, entertainment parks, cinema, took children outside for a walk, organized discos. They have also got lots of things for the children and orphanages:

  • shoes,
  • toys,
  • warm cloths,
  • cloths (trousers, tops, dresses, etc),
  • kitchen dishes,
  • detergents,
  • hygienic stuff (soap, tooth paste, etc),
  • sewing accessories (thread, needles, ribbons, etc.)

Irish volunteers have brought lots of joy and happiness to the children, leaving really unforgettable moments about this summer for the children to cherish.

Asylums for adults with special needs also welcomed some visitors. Irish volunteer groups from pharmaceutical plant “Roche” and Chernobyl Children Aid Project, Wexford, and Belarusian volunteers worked on renovation in asylums in Svir, Kopyl, Yazovki. They have managed to do major reconstruction of living and dining areas in these institutions.

For asylum for special needs adults in Kul with the help of volunteers we have got:

  • paint,
  • nails,
  • wood chipboard, plaster,
  • spare parts for a chainsaw,
  • hygiene accommodatio,
  • hair cutters.

We thank all the volunteers coming to Belarus from Ireland and all who was participating in our projects, those who visited children and helped by renovation!! We done to all!!!


Hot volunteer summer 2010
Hot volunteer summer 2010
Hot volunteer summer 2010
Hot volunteer summer 2010
Hot volunteer summer 2010

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