Very busy schedule


First of all we’d like to apologize for the delay in the news update. It’s been a really busy time.

Now we go back to the chronicles of the latest weeks of July and early weeks of August. Gorodische and Cherven were welcoming several groups of volunteers one with Alan Bedford as a head, another with Rita Oats and some Burren Chernobyl Committee members like Brian O’Sullivan, and Gill Leo’s group.

Alan’s group has spent 2 weeks on Belarus – in Gorodische first, and second in Cherven. Brilliant time, a lot done and more purchased. The volunteers organized trip to Minsk for a group of Cherven children, put money on the account for purchasing cloth – 500 euro – this is major things, but there were lots of simple pleasures every day too in both orphanages! We say thanks a million for all that you have done this summer. It was a fabulous time! Looking forward to seeing you again!!!

The group of volunteers with Rita Oats have spent their time in Gorodische, they have brought specially made wheel chair for one of the girls – Nastya. And sure they brought lots of other things, for the children, and of course lots of pleasant moments. We also say thanks you very much on behalf of all the children!!!

Brian helped to make some new contact for the organization and also purchased some necessary medications for Cherven orphanage. Big thanks!
Gill Leo and her group have just finished their week in Gorodische. They have also been very busy playing with kids, doing music sessions, they have also organized a trip to Niesvizh for some of the children, bought lots of clothes for kids.

This Saturday was also the last day for the two girls Maria and Orla that have spent 7 weeks in Belarus between the 2 children orphanages helping out a lot. It’ll make it a long story to tell what they have done – they have been very busy and did a lot of great things for the children in both orphanages!

The volunteers keep coming and going. This summer has been extremely busy, but it’s brilliant to see so many involved! Love and care and sure all your help are precious to the children. We say thank you very very much from the bottom of our hearts and can’t wait to see you again with us!
P.S. Unfortunately we don’t have all the photographs of the groups so please forgive us for not having all of you in our mini album! We remember everyone and appreciate everyone!!!


Very busy schedule
Very busy schedule
Very busy schedule
Very busy schedule
Very busy schedule
Very busy schedule
Very busy schedule


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