The summer ends but the work goes on!

The young ladies from Ireland - Hazel , Bridget, Tina, Sharon, Niamh, Lisa and Maria, the Burren Chernobyl Project volunteers had a fabulous week from the 3.08 to 9.08 in Gorodische children’s orphanage.

The girls were doing lots of exciting things with the children:

-          made а trip – with the Group 7 girls went on the local bus and ate lunch out.

-          and a trip to the Fire station and local museum in Baranovichi with the other children

-          Spent time with all groups giving sweets and spending time with those who could not be out of bed.

-          Football and discos with group 2 in the evening.  Sandwiches, sweets and drinks afterwards.

-          Group 3 got plenty of attention with massage, bubbles and chocolate.

-           Group 4 enjoyed marshmallows and one on one time.

-          Group 5 put on a wonderful show for the Irish.

-          The girls had a water games competition with group 6 …it ended in a draw!

-          Volunteers hosted a lunch for the girls in group 7 as a thank you.

-          A trip was also made to the graveyard and all graves were marked with sunflowers.


So the week went really fast and the all the girls apart from Maria Carr went back to Ireland.

Maria made her way to Cherven children’s orphanage on Monday the 11th where she was joined by another Burren Chernobyl volunteer Alan Bedford.

The week was very intense too!

They went around most of the Units, playing with children in beds, devoting their time to Unit 7 which is the most profound one, organized lots of different events:

-          A trip to the local cinema for Units 8,9,10, 11 altogether there were 90 children on the outing! They enjoyed the cartoon and later juice, chocolate and waffles.  Those children that didn’t get to go got the party bags done by Alan and Maria.

-          A trip for the big girls in wheelchairs from Unit 3 – they took 8 girls with the help of some young boys and girls to help wheeling. Everyone enjoyed the ice-cream and juices in this lovely sunny weather!

-          Unfortunately the outside disco was cancelled because of the rain but it didn’t spoil the fun! Maria and Alan got a new stereo system for the orphanage, so all the dancing was happening inside accompanied by ice-cream and soft drinks again!

The volunteers also got lots of different things for different groups: brought toys, bubbles, sweets, clothes, bought coloured paper for decoration, etc.

The time was unbearably fast, but the 2 of them are on the way to Gorodische again followed by another lovely group that is arriving this evening.

We’ll fill you in with news when we hear back from them!

Thanks very much from the bottom of our hearts for all your help and you devotion!

Can’t wait to see you again next year!


The summer ends but the work goes on!
The summer ends but the work goes on!
The summer ends but the work goes on!
The summer ends but the work goes on!
The summer ends but the work goes on!


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