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Her face is more like a baked apple, her fingers are deformed by polyarthritis look like knotty tree branches. Sad but wise and philosophical glance of dingy eyes that used to be sky blue... The only living being that is close to her and brightens up her existence now is her gray cat. She understands that her children are busy and can't afford to have a day off to come and visit her, her grandchildren are studying and they hardly make ends meet having a difficult students' life... It's simply life... Hard times... 

But she is still waiting, stroking her fluffy, warm friend, who is gratefully purring back to her lying on her knees. She stares through the window on the road with a phantasm of a hope to see familiar silhouettes...

None of us knows can have a guarantee that in our old age there will be no loneliness. No-one thinks of it while being young.

This asylum in village Rudnya became a real home for many lonely elderly people that cannot look after themselves without somebody else's help.

Our charity organization couldn't pass this place around.

Having renovated the building in some parts, delivered necessary laundry equipment, having done new windows and doors and brought new beds the fund helped to significantly improve living conditions for the elderly people.

Alena Martsyanava


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