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People need to know their heroes

Dear friends, today we would like to tell you about wonderful people who joined our volunteer movement. Those who are familiar with the work of our Charity know that we usually accept and support volunteers from Ireland and the UK. But today we will not talk about them. Today we want to tell you that we have finally found some local volunteers, who got enthusiastically involved. For a good bit of time we’ve been receiving emails from Belarusians, who offered themselves as volunteers, but, unfortunately, all those requests ended up nowhere. And only recently we met people, who became real volunteers from potential virtual candidates.

Everything started with Katerina Frolova from Minsk. She dropped us an email first and then agreed to meet and get acquainted with the possibilities we were happy to offer. Then she made her first trip to the children in the Cherven children’s orphanage. "I found you [Dobra tut] through the internet, - shares Katya, - wrote an email, and you answered very quickly. And then ... Everything’s just happened. "Katya is a very gentle and kind person, the children are very fond of her and they often ask about her. As usual, the word spreads fast and thank to Katya we have got more people involved. Some people come regularly to Cherven now.

Katerina Shkor also found us via the Internet: "I wanted to help someone who really needed it. Started looking. Googled some options. Dobra Tut Foundation was one of the top ten organizations that offered volunteering opportunities. Bigger organizations in Belarus are full of volunteers, so I thought I’d love to join a smaller one, and offered my help to "Dobra Tut". I emailed them, and frankly, did not even expect an answer. And they replied very quickly. And promptly organized a trip to the children. " Of course, Katya shared her impressions with people. And the friends were there to offer their help too. Now we have had a group of volunteers from an IT company, who brought a wonderful performance to the children in Cherven.

Men rarely get down to volunteering, so when a young man Alexei Gordeev offered us to help, we were very happy. Lyosha also found us through the Internet: "I first started looking for a regular orphanage. But then I thought that children with special needs apparently need more help. Why have I decided to volunteer ... My childhood happened at a difficult period, my parents barely had time for us children. So from time to time I felt badly offended. And then I realized that if it was so difficult for me to survive alongside my parents, how difficult it must be for the children, who have no parents at all. I thought we must be on the same emotional level with these kids. There is just a slight difference in expressing those emotions. And this is also a very serious work for a person. Putting oneself outside the comfort zone, we reduce this area, becoming freer. And, yes, I would not like to live a life, concentrated on satisfying my own desires and needs, because this is meaningless. And what we do together for these children brings sense in our existence. "

These people, of course, share their experience with their friends and acquaintances, and now the circle of our volunteers keeps growing. And we are very grateful to them, because we have a lot of projects, and a lot of institutions waiting for the volunteers to come.  That's why we thank everyone who cares about the fate of "special" children and adults living in the institution.

So if you’d like to become a volunteer, just contact us, and we will be happy to provide you our best assistance.


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