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We work to keep them going

As the world keeps very cautious in terms of social distancing, we try to support our institutions as much as we can, being also protected at its most. We keep distributing the last humanitrian aid from Burren Chernobyl Project. And looking forward to receiving a new load with the COVID protection means. As always the full report will be provided in the regular REPORT section. 
Here is the photo of our Tamara handing out the aid to one of the orphanages. 
Many thanks to everyone, who provided help, supported the shipment and keeps fundraising and gathering help for our people of Belarus in this hard and uncertain time. You are the real heroes!!! 


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Contact details

Адрес: пер. Ангарский, 117, Минск, Беларусь 220137 
E-mail: dobratut@gmail.com 
Телефон/факс: +375 (017) 395-63-48
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