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Fighting COVID

Dear friends,

We keep supporting social institutions of our country in the ongoing battle against COVID-19. At this difficult time, our Irish friends find time and money to support our medics in a difficult situation. Even if they cannot come yet and pay attention to the residents of the orphanages personally, our volunteers continue to take care of children and adults from afar. This is emotionally difficult, and the unknown only adds up to the story, but we believe that soon we will be able to meet again and spend an unforgettable time with children and volunteers. In the meantime, everything that the Fund and Burren Chernobyl Project supply and do can be seen here.

We are incredibly grateful to the generous people of Ireland for their help, understanding, attention and love! You are unbelievable!

Major thank you from all of us!

And we keep going!

Stay tuned for our news, even if it’s pretty rare these days.

Always yours,

Dobra Tut

(Photo: the irradiators for disinfection, arrived yesterday)



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