Chance for Darina

Another heartbreaking story and another request for help. Little girl Darina really badly needs your attention and support.

" Hello!

My name is Anastasia Kolonitskaya, I am the mother of a special child Darina.

Daryna was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She is 2 years now, but she can not hold her head, sit or talk and eats through a tube. But despite all the difficulties, we do not lose heart and fight for a better quality life for our girl every day.

In 2015, we fundraised money for a trip to The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (Italy). With the help of caring people we were able to take the baby for a visit and get a competent examination.

The specialists of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential Darin examined Darina, noted a positive change (Daryna’s hearing and vision improved) and developed a rehabilitation program for the next six months. We have a program of various methods including usage of respiratory masks, learning to communicate with Darina on the board of choice, hearing program, vision and tactile stimulation, three types of patterning and we also increased the number of sliding down on sloping floor. And as the child progresses the constant adjustment of the program is needed often, so  we have another appointment for July 4, 2016.

Visit price: 5250 $ and 3155 € +  travel costs.

We’ve also fundraised money for a trip to Moscow for the introduction of umbilical cord blood cells in KrioTsentre. It took us a long time to study this procedure, we considered the opinions of parents, who had already tried this method, communicated with experts and we realized that this is our chance! This is the chance for our daughter to see the outside world, the chance of a significant reduction in spasticity and hyperkinesias and to improve physical activity. We hope that this will become a new impuls to Darina’s development .

The cost of one implant is 77,000 Russian rubles. We need to make 6 implants: first 2 with an interval of 2 weeks, then every 3 months. Thanks to the funds collected, we have already made 2 implanting procedures, the next one is expected in July.

Miracle happens, where he was waiting for! We are looking forward to, hope and trust and ask for help from all of those who care!

You can follow the news on Darina’s improvement in  VKontakte social network

The required amount is 6150 € + 11 200 $. We have already fundraised 1050 €, 5672 $.

Still need: 5100 €, 5528 $

Details to help Kolonitskii Darina

Charitable accounts opened at branch # 511/290 of "Belarusbank", Minsk,Okhotskaya str, 135 K.3, UNP 100349858; MFO 153001815

- Belarusian rubles - №3819382103561 transit account for the charity account №000002 in branch № 511/290, unlimited

- Russian rubles - №3819382104993 transit account for the charity account №000002 in branch № 511/290, unlimited

- US dollars - №3819382104993 transit account for the charity account №000003 in branch № 511/290, unlimited

- Euro - №3819382104993 transit account for the charity account №000002 in branch № 511/290, unlimited

Payment purpose:  treatment and rehabilitation for Kolonitskaya Darina

Web Money

E310557593832 - Euro

R259910918217 - Russian rubles

Z212272752924 - USD

B165000538148 -Belarusian rubles

For postal money orders:

Minsk, ul. Okhotsk d.95 / 15-1, 220137 , Kolonitskaya Anastasia (mother)

Yandex money


Easy Pay № 27908419

Here is a video story of Darina


Kolonitskaya Anastasia V. (Darina’s Mother) +375 291 192 674

Thank you very much for all your support!!!"


Chance for Darina
Chance for Darina
Chance for Darina


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