Fundraising for Sofia Nistiuk rehab

       We continue to share stories that come to our Fund's email.
There are a lot of children needing help, but we are asking for your attention. Sofia's story as well as many other children's sotries is painfully familiar. But the girl really needs your support:
      "Hello! My name is Irina!
I help the mother a girl with cerebral palsy to raise funds for rehabilitation! Mom's name is Julia Nistiuk, the girl's name is Sofia, they live in a village near Minsk.
Sofia had to be born a healthy girl. Her mother arrived to the maternity house in time for the delivery. During delivery process the child had asphyxiation, which resulted in cerebral palsy, spastic quadraplegia. For the next 4 years of the child's lifethe mother took her to centres "Mother and Child" in Minsk, "Tonus" in Brest, in Bolodarskogo centre, to Yevpatoria children's clinical sanatorium (Ukraine), but there is no result. Sofia does not sit, does not walk, does not hold things, does not speak. She really needs serious rehabilitation.
Before the New Year Sofia's mom received a response from the rehabilitation center "Love Angel" in China, the center is ready to take Sofia with her mother in September!
But the amount to pay is 11 344.2 dollars, and they also need money to cover travel costs. And as Sofia is raised only by her mother, this is an unbelievable amount. Thus they apply for support of caring people.
Sofia's page in Vkontakte
The charity project for Sofia 
Charity accounts are opened  in Belarusbank at the grandmother's name, at the moment, they are unfortunately empty
- Belarusian rublestransit account 3819382100923  to the account 000004
- Dollars: the personal account 000005
9000-P / Charitable USD account
Purpose of payment: for Nightingale Tamara Alexandrovna for rehabilitation and treatment of Nistsyuk Sofia Vladimirovna
You can also transfer money
Card BBK 9112 0000 6484 9892, expiry date 11/16 (mother Julia Nitsyuk)
Home address: 223056 Minsk district, Urozhainaya village, Armeiskaya Street, 86 - 18 Nistiuk Yulia.
contact telephone +375296809119 mother Julia
We would be grateful for any help!"


Fundraising for Sofia Nistiuk rehab
Fundraising for Sofia Nistiuk rehab
Fundraising for Sofia Nistiuk rehab


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