Rehab for Amelia

My name is Alesya Matveychik and my daughter’s name is Amelie (born she was 28.07.2014)

Diagnosis: CP,  spastic plegia more pronounced in the right limbs, with severe motor impairment. Convultion syndrome in remission stage since March 2015

Amelia has s good rehabilitation potential, but we need your support as we cannot cover the cost of the rehab due to the poor financial situation as we constantly go on rehabs and all the money goes for it.

For the rehabilitation in "Spring" center of St. Petersburg, we need 200 thousand Russian rubles (about $ 3,000) before the 4th of July.

I’m kindly asking you to help Amelia have a better quality life, have a chance. Thank you for all .....

Charity accounts opened in branch 402- Volkovysk, Sovetskaya, 20, UNP 500054844, MFO 152101689

-Bel rub-Transit account 3819382100569 for the charity account 000038 in branch 402, unlimited

- US dollars -Transit  account 3819382105607 for the charity account 000049 in branch 402, unlimited -- - Euro-Transit account 3819382105607 for the charity account 000013 in branch 402, unlimited

-Russian Ruble-Transit account 3819382105607 for the charity account  000020 in branch 402, unlimited


Rehab for Amelia


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