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Rose and the crew

Last week in Gorodische was an exciting week, a busy week, a happy week for the children and surely for the volunteers!

Rose and her lovely group of young lads and girls from Ireland had a wonderful time in Gorodische children’s orphanage. Lots was done, lots of smiles, lots of happiness. For some of the volunteers it was the unique experience as it was their first time in Belarus and first time in an orphanage at all. But they managed! They did a great work playing with children, organizing picnics, outings to the local school museum, organized soccer matches every evening, spent time going around all the units with yogurts and sweets and other pleasant surprises for the children.

Unbelievable time. And they promised to be back, and we believe them as their eyes cannot lie.

We thank you very much for your support and the time you have given to the children. And surely as always we are all looking forward to seeing you back again soon!


Rose and the crew
Rose and the crew
Rose and the crew
Rose and the crew


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