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Для когоСумма, бел. руб.ПотребностьДата
1Cherven orphanage for children and young adults with special needs12 149.92Humanitarian aid12.01.2021
2Soligorsk Social Service Centre6 881.09Humanitarian aid13.01.2021
3Rakov psycho- neurological asylum7 740.22Humanitarian aid14.01.2021
4Social Service centre of Zavodskoi district, Misnk5 354.13Humanitarian aid14.01.2021
5Stolbtsy Social Service Centre4 487.67Humanitarian aid15.01.2021
6Stolbtsy Social Service Centre4 911.80Humanitarian aid18.01.2021
7Individuals with special needs645.42Humanitarian aid18.01.2021
8Starye Dorogi Social Service Centre4 094.50Humanitarian aid21.01.2021
9Miadel Social Service Centre4 125.62Humanitarian aid21.01.2021
10Liuban district Social Service Centre4 879.55Humanitarian aid22.01.2021
11Cherven psycho-neurological asylum, Yazovki9 724.62Humanitarian aid02.02.2021
12Svir psycho-neurological asylum7 424.26Humanitarian aid16.02.2021
13Pukhovichi psycho-neurological asylum1 356.00Humanitarian aid17.02.2021
14Primary organization of Zavodskoi district “BelAPDIiMI”, Minsk3 786.77Humanitarian aid17.02.2021

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