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Alice Donnelly’s team in Gorodische

Today we said good bye to another lovely group of Burren Chernobyl Project volunteers. 8 students – lads and girls had an amazing experience with the children from Gorodische children’s orphanage. It was Alice’s second trip to Belarus and the first trip ever for the rest of the team. But they did really well.

Certainly the routine was quite the same as with all the Irish groups: they helped looking after the children in beds, organized games for active kids, picnics, little parties with ice cream, took some children to town for an outing, played football with older boys and girls. Fantastic, unbelievable time.

Of course they’ve helped by purchasing different stuff: bought mattress covers for more than 6 000 000 rubles, transparent plastic for their green house at about 2 000 000 rubles. Also supported a local family where the parents look after a special needs child, bought a nice dress for a young lady that is going to be transferred to an adult instituting in the near time.

And as always on the last day there were lots of tears. The farewell was too emotional, but we are sure we’ll meet them again very soon as the group really loved their time in the orphanage!

We thank you all for your fantastic contribution into making a difference for these children! Well done!


Alice Donnelly’s team in Gorodische
Alice Donnelly’s team in Gorodische
Alice Donnelly’s team in Gorodische
Alice Donnelly’s team in Gorodische


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