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More Wonderful Moments!

Summer of 2014 keeps the working tempo going! Burren Chernobyl Volunteers keep coming and 
going in Both Cherven and Gorodishche bringing more smiles for the children in both institutions. 
The two ladies Julie Pipe and Jennifer McMahon continued their brilliant work in Cherven Children’s 
Orphanage, spending their time in all eleven groups, trying not to leave anyone out. The two ladies 
bought lots of books, stationery, toys, etc. Gemma Desmond’s group joined them on Wednesday 9th
July to bring more fun! Together they have organized fantastic parties for the groups of big girls and 
boys, and also for the smaller active kids from Unit 4 who were brought lots of treats. The volunteers 
have not forgotten the medical needs of the children either and have donated 13,000,000 towards 
From Cherven the group moved on to Gorodishche Children’s Orphanage where they had lots of fun, 
too, organizing picnics, parties and outings. The group helped putting the green house together, they 
purchased catheters and shower trays, and also bought lots of music speakers for the big boys and 
girls, surely treats as well!
Last week, Rosie Byrne’s group arrived to join the fun in Gorodishche. No need to say how happy the 
kids were to see these regular visitors!
Several groups who visited this year have supported the orphanage in Gordishche by providing 
50,000,000 (50 million) roubles to help purchase a badly needed vehicle for transporting foodstuffs, 
and for other necessary travel for the children.
We are all saying a big thanks to all who help make a difference for these children and who make 
them happy and smile! That is the best thing one can do!
 A million thanks – or maybe 50 million!


More Wonderful Moments!
More Wonderful Moments!
More Wonderful Moments!
More Wonderful Moments!


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