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Gorodische life keeps boiling

This summer has been really amazing for the children in Gorodische. Volunteers of Burren Chernobyl project were coming there all the time to keep kids entertained and loved.

Another active and lovely group with Alan, Maria, Laura, Kathleen, Tina, Olivia, Clare and Collin spent lovely time in Gorodische with the children and young adults.

“We spent time with the children who were in bed and got a few of them out into the fresh air. Also had a pancake evening with the independent living group and Disco with the independent living group. In the evening we played  football and had discos with group 2. On one of the days we brought a group to the lake, another to Navagrudak which is a historical town in Belarus. There was a lot to see, nice trip! – Alan shares his brief summery on the week.- Kathleen organized the ball for the older girls”

But those who have done volunteering at least once in their lifetime know how much emotion there is inside after being there with the children. It’s very hard to describe the feeling when you see children’s eyes when you give them your time, your love and kindness.

We hope you to see you again next year we know how much you care about the children! Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts!


Gorodische life keeps boiling
Gorodische life keeps boiling
Gorodische life keeps boiling


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