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Ode to Humanitarian aid load

Nota bene: some humor and not only.

"What was it Shakespeare wrote?

When icicles hang by the wall

and Dick the shepherd blows his nail

And Tom bears logs into the hall

and milk comes frozen home in pail….?

Then what happens is that trucks arrive to Dom Zara Minsk (Dobra tut office) for the collection of Humanitarian Aid sent from Ireland again by Burren Chernobyl Project.

This year we are happy to have been able to help those from Pinskthe children’s orphanage in Gorodishche, the old folks in Starye Dorogee, as well as many others.

Winter laid snow heavily about us these few days

-          birds sit brooding in the snow and (Natasha’s) nose is red and raw

and yet they turned up in their small and their large trucks, through the snows, through the freezing temperatures, to collect the much needed aid. It hit minus eighteen at some stage during the distribution and yet everything got sorted, doled out and delivered where needed.  

Shakespeare  was correct – ‘when blood be nipped and ways be foul’ - then is the time when the stalwarts of Belarus face out onto the cold and carry on  with the work, loading and collecting, shipping and counting and bringing the aid back home where it is most needed.

(With apologies to Mrs Shakespeare’s son, William!)

Well done to all!"



Ode to Humanitarian aid load
Ode to Humanitarian aid load
Ode to Humanitarian aid load
Ode to Humanitarian aid load


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