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Nikita needs rehab. Let's support him!


As you can see, there are many requests coming to us from so many families, but we are kindly asking you to take part in the fate of these wonderful little children. Your every help will become a step on the way to recovery. Here is the story of a little Nikita that requires rehabilitation. It is not expensive, but it can significantly improve the child’s health:

"Hello, my name is Oksana, I have a son - Nikita.

Nikita is 3 years old, his main diagnoses are cerebral palsy, spastic hemiplegia, post-hemorrhagic occlusive hydrocephalus (a condition after ventriculoperitoneal shunting).

 Nikita is able to talk now. But his musculoskeletal system is impaired (tight right hand, low physical activity, the left hand is active – he can take things, attempts to eat independently). While walking with support on two hands he intends to tip-toe and then step on the whole foot but with legs crossed. He can not sit for long without support, and he cannot sit down independently.

Nikita was born prematurely (30 weeks), on the 4th day he had a brain bleeding, which caused hydrocephalus. He had a surgery  at 1.6 months. For a long time Nikita was on artificial lung ventilation (about a month). He was discharged home at 2 months with psychomotor retardation, and then every 2 months we went for the rehabilitation to the Republican Scientific and Practical Center * Mother and Child * (4 times),  Since he was 1 year we are undergoing  on the rehabilitation courses in Minsk city center of medical rehabilitation for children with intellectual disabilities (were there 9 times), we go to the rehab centre Zhivitsa (Gomel regional Hospital), and do regular courses of massage and  physio in the community clinic, also we regularly go to the pool.

As the time goes by, the dynamics is positive, but it is very slow. We decided to take Nikita in the specialized sanatorium for children with cerebral palsy in the Czech Republic for the first course of rehabilitation treatment, which costs 4470 euros. It is not possible for us to save such an amount in 3 months, so we are asking you for your support!

Charity accounts opened in branch 511 of Belarusbank - Minsk, Dolgobrodskay st, 1; UNP 100349858; MFO 153001815:

- Belarusian Ruble - Transit account 3819382103561 for the charity account 000007 in branch  511/197,

- US Dollars - Transit account 3819382104993 for the charity account 000016 in branch  511/197,

- Euro - Transit account 3819382104993 for the charity account 000006 in branch  511/197,

- Russian Ruble - Transit account 3819382104993 for the charity account 000008 in branch  511/197.

Payment purpose: for treatment Yaroshik Nikita.

+375 29 7887709 – that’s the number that you can top up, and the family can withdraw the funds towards treatment.

Home address:

223060, Minsk region,

d. Large Trostenets, street Youth, 3/2, kv.62


MTS +375 29 7887709 mama Oksana,"

Thanks a million in advance!


Nikita needs rehab. Let's support him!


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