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Katya and Co.


We are always happy to share our most interesting moments with you. And today it’s high time to tell you our latest news. We were incredibly lucky that Katerina Frolova, a young lady from Minsk, showed up. She did not ask for any help, but instead she offered hers as a volunteer. We do not have that many volunteers from Belarus, we mainly deal with Irish people. That’s why people like Katya are very dear to us. As it is a big change in our own society and attitude so far.

Over the last two months, Katya and her friends have already visited the children of the Cherven Orphanage twice. First in November, and their second visit happened at the start of this week. The volunteers made friends with the girls form Unit 3 and the children in Unit 5, and some even with the young lads from independent living Unit 9.

We hope that our acquaintance with Katya and her friends will grow into a strong friendship! And in our turn we promise to support them every possible way. And if YOU have a wish to become a volunteer and bring fun, love and warmth to "special" children, please contact us, we will be happy to help you!


Always yours,

Dobra Tut


Katya and Co.
Katya and Co.


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