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Summer full of joy

Summer full of joy

We can never stop being amazed at love and devotion of the Irish volunteers who keep constantly coming over to Gorodische children’s orphanage. This summer, like any other summer, was full of joy and happiness. The children and young adults were loved, cared about and entertained non-stop, there was barely a day without Burren Chernobyl Project volunteers in the orphanage.

Groups and individuals were coming one after another making sure that the fun never stops.

Over a hundred people from Ireland visited Gorodische this summer. A major help was provided to the children in all the meanings. Our lovely volunteers have organized trips and games and parties, and sport events, supported the building project for the halfway house, and for some major needs for the orphanage.

The children and young adults as well as all of us are very grateful to everyone who has come this summer to be there by their side and we hope that among all the photos in our album under this post you will find yourselves and smile at the good memories and unforgettable moments.

 We say major thanks to everyone, who came over, to everyone, who helped fundraising in Ireland, and everyone, who made the trips happen!

Always yours,

Dobra tut


Summer full of joy
Summer full of joy
Summer full of joy
Summer full of joy
Summer full of joy
Summer full of joy
Summer full of joy


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