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Well, it is the end of the year again

In the flow of days, we often do not notice how much is happening to us.

The past year was full of a variety of moments: beautiful, joyful, not simple, sometimes sad and tense and definitely brought many new impressions, I would like to share mine today.

A lot of assistance was provided this year to the asylums other social institutions.

We sincerely thank the Irish volunteers who constantly supported projects and to all those who care for our children and young adults.

And now I want to tell you about those who came out into this world from orphanages for children with special needs, who received apartments and a little money at first, and what happened then?

And then life happened. But unaccompanied and with no support of social workers. The poor young people do not know at all how to live in this world, how to pay for housing, how to distribute their budget, so that would do for the whole month, how to use household appliances, and so on.

There was a good project "Accompanied Accommodation", and the support was most often on the site of the same institution, the project ended and that's it, right?!

Having visited these “lucky ones”, you begin to understand that perhaps the institutions are not so bad for them after all.

Many will disagree with me: how about freedoms, independent life, life without constant control and not behind the fence?  But somewhere a link is missing, a link in the transition to an independent life and all these guys need help and support, otherwise they will not survive, although they all work.

Alisa, an orphan, was left without parents from the age of two and was brought up in an orphanage, then in a boarding school for children with disabilities, then a lyceum.

She got a working specialty - "garden and park construction" and in 2018 received an apartment from the government. Currently the apartment has only a table and an air mattress, that’s where she keeps her clothes on, but she has got a rental debt (more than 1000 rubles)

Another story about Dima, who threw out the new stove, only because it was smoking (the burners got burned), Dima was helped a little with clothes and at least he has got a bit more confident, he became a bit happier and got a desire to live on.

Christina, is expecting a baby, and there is almost no furniture in her place and has decent meals just once a day!

And these guys are countless!

If someone has a wish to help, we can give their addresses or phone numbers of social workers, maybe with your help they will have hope for the future.

Please, don’t leave them alone, if you can!


Tamara Bukhteeva



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