Sofia Markevich needs treatment

Dear Friends, 
The Markevich family is looking for your help in fundraising money for their little daughter Sofia's treatment. Here is the story:
Family Markevich from the Grodno region is looking for to pay treatment for their daughter's disease in a specialized center "Olinek" Warsaw. The family earns enough funds to pay only for a part of the expensive treatment. Sofia's mother has the Rh-negative. And when the child was born the figures were quite regular: Birth weight of the child was 3300kg, height 52cm. The child was discharged the hospital almost healthy.
At first, everything seemed to be with their daughter was fine. Sofia developed as all the kids, started to hold her head up at the age of one month, ate well, started "talking", smiling. At 5 months started to roll over on her tummy, but when it was time to sit, Sofia did not try to do that. We began to worry. At 6 months we went to the rehab in Lida (town in Belarus). Then spent a month at home doing exercises and then went back to the hospital up to 10 months of the child's age. At the age of 10 months, the doctor sent us to "Mother and Child"center of Minsk. And there finally Sofia finally leanrt sitting up on her own. There were many tears of joy, seeing our daughter doing it herself. But the doctor decided to do an MRI scan of the brain to find out what the problem of the development delay was. The results of the MRI brought a terrible diagnosis: Earlier organic brain damage resulting from the BOP (thinned corpus callosum, atypical radial direction grooves in the parietal-temporal areas, and cerebellum) delayed speech and psycho-motor development. All this time we have been fighting this disease. We went on treatment sessions in rehabs in the town of Lida, Grodno, Minsk, Brest, also in Lithuania. The results are positive. At the age of one year and three months Sofia started crawling on all fours, at the age of one year and seven stood up up in bed, at two years my daughter started to make the first steps. It's not so bad, but when Sofia turned 2 years and a half she started having convulsions. But, thank God, they did not bring her backwards in her development, she preserved all her skills. But because of the seizures we lost a lot of time. After the seizures went away we started treatments again. Being treated in Brest, Minsk, Lida. We twent twice to the dolphin therapy in Minsk, we went to Minsk for logopaedic massages in the "I speak" center. Every day we are doing exercises and get treatment with medication. A doctor in Minsk has recommended us to go to Warsaw for rehabilitation. The method is called Tomatis. We did one course from 5 January to 17 January 2015 and a second course of 2 March to 13 March 2015. The results are good, Sofiyka began to speak more words, short sentences (Bi Dad, Mom let itd), attentively, become better eat with forks itself became perseverance. The speech and language therapis  in the kindergarten said Sonia began to perform more complicated tasks. The third course is planned for31 August to 11 September 2015. The course fee is 8850 PLN. Between the second and third year there should be a break of no more than 6 months. And we need to be sure that the child keeps the old skills and gain new ones. Please do not pass our request by and give our daughter a chance to have a better quality of life. She will succeed!
Today, my daughter can walk independently but the gait is unsteady. She vocab is quite ok, she can say: mom, dad, woman, grandfather, aunt, uncle, Bi (car), AA (for going to the toilet), give me, etc. She can copy the sounds of animals. Our daughter is kind, affectionate, cheerful, emotional, curious. Doctors say that we have achieved good results. We believe that our daughter will recover soon and start speaking better.
                                  We will be glad of any help!!!
Banking details for the treatment of Markevich Sofia opened in a branch of OAO ASB Belarusbank 413/07, Lida, branch code 696
Belarusian rubles - № 000069, transit account 3819382104109
Euro - № 000020 transit account 3819382105717
Contact phone: 80299535548 (Vel), Ekaterina, 80336542140 (MTS). 80336542141 (MTS), Pavel


Sofia Markevich needs treatment


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