Help to save little Eva’s life


Update from 18.11.2010

With your help we already collected €20,000 that allowed Eva and her parents to go to Belgium for the medical consultation. Now an additional €67,000 for the surgery and €19,000 for the post-surgery treatment and recovery are required.

The surgery must be done BEFORE CHRISTMAS! We need to collect €67,000 as soon as possible.

For the surgery, we have collected - as of November 17, 2010: €50,010.63, of which €20,000 were raised by our friens The Burren Chernobyl Project.

Please note that it may take a week or two for your donation to be reflected in this spreadsheet. Thank you for your patience!

At the moment we are not able to access our WebMoney account from Belgium. Our apologies: donations via WebMoney will be reflected in the spreadsheet with delay.

Update from 03.11.2010

On October 24th, Eva and her parents traveled to Belgium for a medical evaluation. Starting Tuesday of this week the doctors of Saint-Luc hospital have been running diagnostic tests.

The results of the tests so far have brought some good news, not-so-good news and urgent news. The good news is the hospital has already been able to take significant steps in better understanding Eva’s condition that until now has been unclear. Also the doctors strongly feel that a liver transplant is a needed and viable option for recovery, and are ready to perform a surgery.


The not-so-good news is that Eva’s condition is even more serious than previously understood, and this surgery must happen BEFORE CHRISTMAS! This urgency comes after Eva’s blood tests showed elevated levels of AFP (alpha fetoprotein), which is considered a sign of pre cancerous activity in the liver. A PET scan is scheduled for next week to confirm this result, the stage of cancerous development and the presence of metastases.

Out of €67,000 they have gathered €23,113.03.

Urgent help is needed to support a little girl who is to have a liver transplant operation!

The parents of baby girl Eva have already lived through lost of hardships:

We were put on the waiting list for a surgery with a related liver transplant. The mother had a full medical check up and is proved to be a donor. And Eva was getting ready for the surgery which included 4 months in the intensive care unit on supportive therapy and parenteral feeding – 4 months to be away from home, 4 other months for a child who was now used to live without her mom… What can be more horrible than your owns child’s sufferings?.. We thought that it couldn’t be worse than then. But we were wrong…

Inspired by hope we were expecting a miracle from Belarusian specialists. Before the surgery we were sent for a consultation to the Children Cardio surgery centre. And again – same intensive care unit, catheterization, and scary verdict. Her diagnoses took about half a page with incomprehensive words. And the words of the doctor saying to us: “Live as long as it is left for you…». Her diagnoses are: critical stricture formation of celiac axis entrance and of the upper mesenteric arteria. Expressed net of collateral vessels in abdominal cavity. Stricture formation of entrances. Hypogenesis of renal artery. Hypogenesis of brunches.

So their answer was: “Surgery: vascular reconstruction and transplantation of liver is not recommended due to severe damage of conjunctive tissue (damage of liver and biliary ducts, vessels)”. But we would never give up. We knew we would do anything to see Eva smiling.

We didn’t believe there was any hope for us: we were trying to get to different clinics abroad. And we are still working on this, knowing that there are different countries where this sort of operation are performed on a high level!

We hope we will have a chance! And we will fight for this! Eva has to have a chance to live!

Additional information on Eva’s story could be found here


Help to save little Eva’s life

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