Let’s help orphanages’ gardens!

Dear friends,

We are asking for your help again.


The spring has come and it means that the institutions are getting ready to start their agricultural life. The orphanages that we support have their own gardens and green houses where workers and residents work closely together to crop vegetables for themselves. Most of them grow vegetables for the whole winter! Also this kind of work for the residents is not only pure labor but also a possibility to feel needed and busy.

That’s why we ask for your support in purchasing vegetable seeds suck as:







-beans, etc

 For our friends in different asylums – Stolbtsy (Kul village), Cherven, Yazovki, Svir, Gorodische and others.

We have already got some money on our account for that, but it’s not enough unfortunately. The government budget is also very short. Thus we hope for you!

We would gladly welcome any support! Thanks a million in advance! 


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