Help to girl Zlata is urgently needed!

Dear all, 
in attachements there are a few documents regarding the case that we have got from a family in Brest (they are in Russian apart from a few documents from the clinic in Germany in English too and the last one with the underlined accounts). Zlata Gerasimuk (DOB 12.10.2011) has a very rare heart condition since she was born (multiple heart defect, CAVC - defect of common atrioventricular canal and lots of secondary diagnoses). 
The child had an operation on correcting the lung arteria. The opereation was very complicated but the child survived! That helped the child to breath without suffocating with blood. 
The family was trying to go to the next step as there was still a lot to fix as some of the doctors would describe her heart as "a piece of swiss cheese". They were consultating with clinics in Russia and Poland as well as in Germany. And it turned out that the specialist in Belarus and Russia didn't have enough expertise to carry out the next operation. But one of the doctors in Germany agreed to undertake the responsibility! 
So the bill that the family got from the clinic that needs to be paid before 16 of February 2015 makes 44,900.00 Euro + 1600 euro per day in the general room in the hospital (the attendent is included), and 1000 euro if the additional equipment (like a wheelchair) is needed. 
So if there is any possibility to help in any way, please, see the account in euros underlined in black (Bank address is in a black box). 
So we are asking you to make a little contribution! Every little helps! 
Big thanks in advance on behalf og the family!


Help to girl Zlata is urgently needed!
Help to girl Zlata is urgently needed!
Help to girl Zlata is urgently needed!
Help to girl Zlata is urgently needed!


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