Treatment for Arsenyi urgently needed!

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We keep posting stories of those families who apply to the Fund for help. Here is the story of little Arsenyi:

His mother Tatiana is writing about her son who is very eill since he was born.  She hope the people can help them to treat her little child! 

Little Arsenyi is 5 years old and he live in Minsk. He suffers from Cerebral Palsy and epilepsy. He also has hydrocephalus, but he had a surgery (had a shunt) to fix it. Also the child has spastic quadriplegia and symptomatic epilepsy, systematic speech and underdevelopment and dysarthria. The family was fighting hard to help Arsenyi improve.  

During all these years the family tried a huge number of treating methods: they spent time in all rehab centers in Belarus but it didn’t bring any good results, so they decided not to waste time there anymore and tried individual treatment sessions of Voitotherapy in Moscow. After that Arsenyi’s legs and arms relaxed a lot.  They also tried reflex massage in MedC centre and after that the child started to turn from his tummy on his back. The family also went to Medical centre in Check Republic where the treatment was also very successful: the Arsenyi pronounced his first words Mama and Baba. 

Then the family went to China for 3 surgeries with stem cells, all the 3 surgeries went really well, Arsenyi relaxed and the right movements started to appear. His mental condition also improved greatly, he used his own language to communicate and surely expected an answer J

But unfortunately in August the child had a major seizure which lasted for about 30 minutes and after that sometimes he is like “flies away” or sinks in his thoughts deeply. The doctors didn’t know if it was some sort of seizures or these were neurological consequences.  

Thanks to some kind people the family managed to fund raise money to go to Germany for 2 days monitoring that showed that Arsenyi has no seizures as such but he has some brain activity that blocks child’s development. But the fact that there are no seizures means a lot, the doctors even reduced the dosage of his medications.

Unfortunately fighting CP is an extremely hard task. The orthopedist diagnosed pre-dislocation of Arsenyi’s hips and the child needs a surgery. To avoid a complicated surgery that involves complicated manipulations with bones and additional material to fix them the family found another way to help the child. The clinic in China, Beijing offered them Neurotomy which is easier to perform and to recover from. It costs 8.064 $.  But after that Arsenyi will need 5-week rehabilitation which costs additionally. Total amount makes 18.151 $. And the family is expected to be there on the 1st of June!

Surely for them this is an unbelievable amount. But they hope that there are good people that can put something towards Arsenyi treatment and that will surely help!

Mom says: “People have different needs: someone needs a car, someone a house, someone misses a yacht, but all I need is my child to meet me at the door on his feet asking: what did you bring for me, mommy?”

She believes that together we can make a huge change in child’s life!


Their banking details 


Charity accounts are open in branch №511/249 JSC «АSB „Belarusbank” — Minsk, Shishkina Str., 26

UNP: 100349858

MFO: 153001815

 — Belarusian rubles — transit account №3819382103561 for charity account №000007;

 — US dollars — transit account №3819382104993 for charity account №000007;

 — EURO— transit account №3819382104993 for charity account №000006;

— Russian rubles  — transit account №3819382104993 на for charity account №000007;

Purpose of payment: Treatment for Arsenyi Penkrat.



B244832608607- Belarusian rules

E185979770487- EURO

U322048533658- Ukrainian

Z272218529965- US dollars

R235476008499- Russian rubles


 +375296304528 Arsenyi’s mother – Tatiana Penkrat 


Minsk 220118 Shishkina Str., 20, building 1, apt 63 


Treatment for Arsenyi urgently needed!
Treatment for Arsenyi urgently needed!
Treatment for Arsenyi urgently needed!


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