Matvei needs you support

Dear friends, 

Please, read the story of little Matvei. He is a brave fighter for his life, so let's support him:

I am a mother of three children, one of them is Matvei - a child with disabilities, he has a diffuse lesion of the midbrain, congenital heart defect (trisomy of chromosome 21), and other conditions.

In July 2014, I visited the American courses, held in Moscow on "What to do if your child has brain damage." In September we were in Philadelphia, thanks to family and friends (they bought the tickets) and all the people who donated money. Taking into consideration his diagnoses we put together a program for six months. In March 2015, we paid a second visit there. This program changes as the child achieves the certain development objectives. The cost of travel 10 000 Dollars, taking into consideration the payment of the lectures course for parents and teaching methods of the rehab, tickets, visas and accommodation.

A trip to the rehabilitation institutions Glenn Doman in Philadelphia - is not a whim, it's a chance for Matvei to restore the lost brain function. The program, in which we are engaged on a daily basis is very difficult, not every parent is ready to accept the way of life for the sake of their child, in spite of the good result. It is very difficult, but the result is fantastic.

How it happens is a mystery of nature. Our child is becoming smarter day by day, he makes us happy with his success, and this gives us the strength and confidence that everything will be fine. It is necessary to continue and not give up.


We consistently treat the main cause of Matvei’s problem - the diffuse lesion of the midbrain. Every day we undergo physical, intellectual, manual, physiological and respiratory program. The entire program is created for Matthew by experts and it became the way of life for us!

He still doesn’t speak, sensory is damaged as well as the motor skills. The possible reason why he doesn’t speak is lack of oxygen supply to the brain, as well as problems with the hearing. Only specialists of the Institute can help Matthew to achieve a good level of development, they have designed a unique technique that really helps the children with such diagnoses to develop normally. No organization here is willing to deal with such Matvei’s  problems in complex, but we of course still desire to help him as soon as possible. We see the results! Matveyushka can look after himself, he understands and tries to be helpful in the family and is actively involved in domestic affairs, he has viewed by over 3000 encyclopedic facts, read more than 400 books and passed all arithmetic tasks as the part of the intellectual program. He also started improving physically. The everyday programme consists of physical and intellectual tasks. Respiratory program consists of respiratory patterns. All this is to oxygenate the brain and to show it how to breathe correctly. We just carry a tactile and auditory stimulation. All programs are designed for the damaged areas of the brain. Brain is a muscle, which is growing in its active use.

We ask you to support us in this long marathon to raise funds needed to continue treatment that was begun! We need not only material, but also information support! Do not leave us, please!!!


Charity account is Belarus bank are to be found here

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And you can also help through these services: 

QIWi 79203020877 
Pay Pal for Matvei
 Yandex money
МТС +7 910 760 82 81 
 +7 968 688 41 43 
 +7 920 302 08 77 
 4276 8801 6757 4015 (Orlovskaya Elena, Matvei’s mom) 
 Rubles: R635464811669 
 Dollars: Z817935844573 
 Bel rubles: B606264298751 
 +375 29 886 44 05 
Visa Card of Belarusbank
 4266200038282604 Orlovskaya Elena (Matvei’s mom)

Thanks a million in advance!


Matvei needs you support
Matvei needs you support
Matvei needs you support


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