Love affair with Cherven

We must admit that we are extremely lucky to have such fantastic and incredible volunteers from Ireland like Dean Ladrigan (Dublin), and Sean Hegarty (Wexford) to return to Belarus to the children of Cherven on the regular basis. What they do for the children is hard to describe in words. This is life changing, this is love giving, this is making a huge difference even if it is just one week a year.

They are beyond fabulous and we are very proud and happy to assist them in every way we can.

Dean was very kind to write such a touching piece about this year’s trip to Cherven. Here is what he shares:

“Cherven holds a very special place in my heart. I know that might be an obvious statement given that I’m writing this, but it’s true. The time I’ve spent with the kids over the past few years is a big factor in my love affair but that isn’t the whole picture. Yes when I’m asked about Cherven I can’t help myself and I talk about Jenya who’s growing in to a fine you man or Paulina who seems to be thriving now that she’s being allowed play with other kids or how Olya has truly stolen my heart and I’d do anything to see her right now. These stories usually lead to my phone being taken out to show hundreds of photos from my last trip. But there’s more to Cherven for me, something that I don’t speak about enough and that’s the people working with the kids on a daily basis. These people, who I won’t name, know how much I respect them and am in awe of what they do. They have dedicated their lives to helping others, not just others but people who need our help. These people make sure that the kids feel love, something that they desperately crave. In Cherven, showing someone love is the greatest thing you can do for them and these people do it every day. Being in a place that can be so unforgiving and anger inducing at times but still being able to love unconditionally on a daily basis takes a very special person and to these people I will forever be indebted. They make me want to be better. They make me want to do better. They make me want to try harder in every aspect of my life. I love these people with all my heart for what they do for the kids I love and as long as these people keep doing what they’re doing there’s nothing that could stop me from getting back to Cherven. It’s just over 2600km to Cherven from my sitting room…that’s a 20 day walk. And if that was the only way I had of getting back to my friends and family in Cherven that’s exactly what I’d do.

So to these people I say thank you. With all my heart and soul, thank you!”

And we thank you very much for all you do for the children and for the love you give to everyone here on this side. We love you so much, miss ya and see you soon!!!


Love affair with Cherven
Love affair with Cherven
Love affair with Cherven
Love affair with Cherven
Love affair with Cherven
Love affair with Cherven
Love affair with Cherven


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