Best wishes to our volunteers!

Dear volunteers and friends of Barren Chernobyl Project and “Dobra tut” Fund!

On the Christmas Eve and for the coming New Year, we wish you peace and all the very best for you, your families and your loved ones!

For many years, you keep coming to our institutions, you collect humanitarian aid and raise money, you never say -no, even to the most challenging requests, solve large and small problems, celebrate birthdays and rejoice with the children, enjoying their laughter and happiness in their eyes.

You cry leaving the children and always come back to give love and warmth of your hearts again and again.

It is impossible to imagine life in orphanages without you!

Small streams make a full-flowing river, we hope that the coming year will be as full-flowing, and let eternal values ​​— Good and Love, Faith and Hope, Sympathy and Understanding – triumph forever.

On December 22, Ruth and Rosie open up the Christmas and New Year holiday for the children, they will be followed by Joan, Don, Rosie, Kate and Claire. It is a nice end of the old year and a wonderful start of the New Year here with our children, who have become relatives and friends for the volunteers!

You are very, very welcome!!!

Best wishes for the upcoming holidays from all of us in DOBRA TUT

By Tamara Bukhtseeva



Best wishes to our volunteers!
Best wishes to our volunteers!
Best wishes to our volunteers!
Best wishes to our volunteers!


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