A tiny miracle is a major change

We never know how our thoughts, prayers, actions influence our life and which way they lead us. Sometimes we think there is no hope. But all you need to do is to keep going. Keep dreaming, keep believing that something good is just around the corner. It just needs a little patience. And all will unfold in its time. We never know until we start looking and asking.

This can relate to the Zhevnerov family. They have been fighting, hoping and asking, until the answer came through. Now the lovely Olga has a fantastic possibility to move around independently as she has got a power chair, which is a major change in her life.

That’s what the family says: “I’ve always thought about how sometimes one moment can change the whole life. But you always think about it when something bad happens. But today is a different day. Today I’d love to say that the moment we met and talked and received the support of the wonderful people of Dobra Tut Charity Foundation was crucial in the best sense of this word. Their kind hearts, care and sincere desire to help have changed the life of the person I deeply care for the better, and this is amazing! Freedom of movement is a priceless gift.

Dear friends from Burren Chernobyl Project and the Dobra Tut Charity Fund, you reassure that there is good in people and that the good always wins. Thanks a million again!!!”

We thank everyone involved and are extremely happy to help make dreams come true!!!


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