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A lovely week in Cherven

We just said a farewell to Brian and Maria that have spent a week in Cherven children’s orphanage volunteering in different groups. The week was really very fruitful. Brian, one of the Directors of Burren Chernobyl Projects, has visited Belarussian Children’s hospital and a baby orphanage in Minsk to get some ideas how to improve the quality of life of the children in Cherven orphanage. Also they went to visit some of the families in the community and contributed a good amount of money to a family whose member is suffering from a very complicated disease.

But surely major work was done in Cherven children’s orphanage. Brian and Maria saw most of the children from nearly all 11 Units. The volunteers have spent some time with young adults having so much fun outside playing games, treating the children with ice-cream, etc. Also they have visited groups of severely disabled children, helping feeding them and playing with them.

It has been a fantastic week! We say thank you very much for a wonderful time and all your priceless help! No doubt we are looking forward to seeing you again soon!

We are celebrating!


This year became significant for both Burren Chernobyl Project and Charity Fund “Dobra tut”. Both organizations were celebrating their anniversaries: 20 years of Burren Chernobyl Project and 5 years of “Dobra tut”.

The event took place in April in Minsk. Honorable guests of the celebration were representatives of the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Department of Humanitarian Aid, the Social Service Committee of Minsk as well as the directors of the orphanages and asylums, social service centers and other organizations we have been working with for all these years.

Warm atmosphere, plenty of nice words, congratulations and words of gratitude were expressed to all the representatives and volunteers of Burren Chernobyl Project whose incredible work during these years have made a big difference to the people of Belarus. Special thanks went to Liam O’Meara who has become a link between the two countries and a well-known representative of Burren Chernobyl Project.

Official thank you letters to Burren Chernobyl Project were given by the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Department of Humanitarian Aid, the Social service committee and surely by the orphanages and asylums, social service centers and organizations. Workers of Charity Fund “Dobra tut” were also thanked for their work.

The guests were entertained by the group of Irish dancing “BassDance” and a blues band  “Bluesmobile”. Some well known people of the Belarusian cultural and music live also attended the celebration: Mariya and Mikhail Mitskevich – the relatives of a famous Belarusian poet Yakub Kolas, Oleg Homenko (folk band “Palats”), musicians of the rock band “ZM99” that were taking part in the charity rock concert “Dobry Fest”.

We thank everybody who was there with us that day, and those who couldn’t come for the celebrations but were there in their thoughts. Thanks a million to all of you!

We thank Jauhien

We would like to say thank you to Jauhien Buzouski for the money transferred to our account. It's going to be used for one of the orphanages needs. Surely the report will be one the way.

Thanks a lot!

Report on 2013

New volunteer season is open

The first Irish volunteers of Burren Chernobyl Project in Cherven this year were Ronan and Dervla. Young people came to visit
the children and helped in any way they could. Most of their time was spent in Unit 6 of Cherven children’s orphanage, they also visited Children’s Hospice in Minsk to share experience on children’s care and went to see some of the families with special needs children.

The volunteers have brought some toys and stationary, purchased a microwave and special dishes for one of the units in the orphanage. Altogether Ronan and Dervla spent 5 days in Cherven but that was a very productive and interesting time.

We thank you very much for your help, support and attention! Looking forward to seeing you soon again!

Happy St.Patrick's Day!


Our dearest Irish Partners, volunteers, friends, and simply everybody,

Charity “Dobra tut” is wishing you a happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!! Thanks for brining to the world this lovely day and thanks for being with us!!! Enjoy the celebration!

Humanitarian Aid reaches its destination


The Humanitarian Aid that Dobra Tut Fund received in January from our Irish partners Chernobyl Children’s Trust has been successfully delivered to its recipients.

According to the distribution plan the aid – nappies, washing powder, soap, clothes, footwear, toys, and also pieces of furniture such as beds and chairs, were distributed to the following social establishments:

  • Rakov psycho- neurological asylum,
  • Stolbtsy psycho- neurological asylum,
  • Kul Adult Orphanage, Svir psycho-neurological asylum,
  • Cherven psycho-neurological asylum,
  • the main organization of Zavodskoi district “BelAPDIiMI”, Minsk,
  • the “White dove over Chernobyl” organisation and
  • Dribin district social service center.

The total amount of the aid provided by the Irish organization is over 500 million Belarusian rubles.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank Chernobyl Children’s Trust, and all those who donated, and those whohelped with gathering, forming, organizing and transporting the aid! Your help is highly appreciated! Thanks a million on behalf of those who have received your aid!


St. Valentine’s day is an occasion to make a special present!

On St. Valentine’s Day pleasant things happen not only to the couples in love but also to those who are full of love, and those who need love like oxygen!

Company EPAM Systems  decided to organize an unusual fundraiser for one of the children’s orphanages that our Fund is helping. Workers got lovely presents and valentine cards made by boys and girls with special needs from the orphanage and as a thank you raised money for purchasing arts and crafts material for the orphanage’s workshop. Today 1 500 000 Belarusian rubles went on the charity account of the orphanage for the purpose mentioned above.

So that was a special day with special presents. We thank “EPAM” company, the organizers and each participant of the fundraiser from the bottom of our hearts! Thanks very much to all these loving and caring people! The kindest regards go to the author of the idea and the main organizer of the whole event Alena Hmelnitskaya – thank you very much for help and enthusiasm!

And here is the New Year!

Our dearest friends,
This very eventful and productive year is nearly over. There was a lot of work done, lots of meetings, and pleasant moments. We have made new friends, got some new ideas. Now it’s not the time to talk about reports and figures, after all you can check on them in our Reports section. Now we are going to wish you all the best for the New Year.

First of all “Dobra tut” Charity wishes all the best to the residents and the workers of the institutions we cooperate with: these are orphanages for special needs children and young adults in Gorodische, Cherven, Ivenets, psycho- neurological asylums for adults in Stolbtsy (Kul village), Svir, Cherven, Rakov, Kopyl, and also the families we have helped. Our most genuine and warm wishes go to those who have supported the Fund: our donators, volunteers and helpers. Thanks a million for having been with us this year! We hope we will continue our productive cooperation in the New Year. Wishing you good luck and prosperity!

Our special wishes are also going to Ireland to our partners and all volunteers of Burren Chernobyl Project and Chernobyl Children’s Trust. So much wouldn’t have happened without your priceless help. Wish you lots of energy, success in all you do, new ideas and achievements!

We send you all our love and appreciation!
May all your dreams come true!
Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Dearest friends,

Another fruitful year has passed by and we are back to the most wonderful time – Christmas day!
It’s the time of presents, warm words and making wishes.

So on behalf of all of us in “Dobra tut” Fund we would like to wish you all – our partners Burren Chernobyl Project, Chernobyl Children’s Trust, our Belarusian donators and helpers (there’s a lot of them, but we remember all) all the very best for the coming year. May all your dreams come true! We are happy to have friends like you and to have this wonderful possibility to help others and to make a difference in lives of those who need it.

Thanks a million for being with us this year and we are looking forward to further greater achievements!

With all our Love,
Charity Fund “Dobra tut”

Report on 2012

Another busy week in Cherven

A team of six BCP volunteers travelled to Cherven children’s orphanage from the 11-18th November. The group worked with a number of the children at the orphanage together with providing support to a number of children and young adults in the community. Our volunteers also provided financial assistance to purchase medications for the orphanage and also bought a number of supplies for the community.

The week was really fruitful and the volunteers have done a good job. We thank you very much on behalf of the orphanage for your great support and we will be happy to see you back again!

Our warmest words of gratitude


Again and again we say thanks to our friends “Nadiozhnye seti” for their regular help that we get on our accounts.

This time your financial support went to Rakov adult asylum – we bought a new washing machine, Gorodische children orphanage got nappies, Stolbsty adult asylum, Kul village – got kitchen equipment and Cherven adult asylum, Yazovki village received syringes and medical gloves.

We genuinely hope our cooperation and friendship will continue in the future.

The Fund also says thanks to Nechaeva Inna for providing some financial support to the Fund.

We are grateful to all people that are not indifferent and who help change the lives of those who are in need for the better. Your help is really priceless and much appreciated.

Andrei Iodo - We say thanks to the Fund and ask for help again

"Our family is endlessly grateful to Charity Fund "Dobra tut" for their priceless help in treatment of our son. Thanks to you we could buy a very expensive medicine "Aktempa" (course of treatment lasts from 6 to 12 months and depends on the health condition of a patient). We say thank you very much to each and one!"

Andrei Iodo's Family

Andrei's treatment goes well due to this expensive medication, but the young man will need another course that will go on until next March that's why we are looking for your help in purchasing the Aktempa drug for Andrei. We thank you very much for your understanding and your kind hearts in advance and believe that together we will help the young man to survive!

Sergei and the men September 2012

Many thanks to the nine volunteers from Roche Pharmaceutical Plant in Ireland for their splendid work in Yazovki Adult Internat as well as tremendous work done on a home for Sergei who formerly lived in Cherven Children’s orphanage. The men did a huge amount of work in the wash areas of the orphanage to improve the wash facilities, showers and toilet areas – plumbing, tiling, plastering etc.

They also took on the job of converting an old wooden house in Cherven town into one suitable for Special Needs boy Sergei. Sergei has been living at home with his relatives for some time now but having a ground floor home will make much life for him. Much work was done in the week and we are all very grateful to the men for their time, work and good will towards these projects. We look forward to seeing them back again – soon! Sergei was very happy to meet all the men – Fergus, Frankie, Joe, John, Gerry, Bernard, Nickie, Timmy and Martin. We all look forward to the house being finished as it is near Sergei’s school which he began to attend this September. Well done!

Very special thanks from the family goes to Burren Chernobyl Project for their tremendous support! Thank you very much to everybody!!!

Charity Fund "Dobra tut" is the organization whose main priority is to support financially and materially some of the orphanages in Belarus and also involve volunteers into work with the children and adults.

You can support our projects by transferring money to our account, or become a volunteer and help the children and adults directly. On our website we provide you with the full report on the work of our Fund.


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