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"Dobra tut" is greatful to our donator Kiseliev Vladimir for regular donations towards Fund's projects. 

We say thanks from the bottom of our hearts! Full information on purchases can always be found in section REPORT

Treatment for Arsenyi urgently needed!

Dear friends,  

We keep posting stories of those families who apply to the Fund for help. Here is the story of little Arsenyi:

His mother Tatiana is writing about her son who is very eill since he was born.  She hope the people can help them to treat her little child! 

Little Arsenyi is 5 years old and he live in Minsk. He suffers from Cerebral Palsy and epilepsy. He also has hydrocephalus, but he had a surgery (had a shunt) to fix it. Also the child has spastic quadriplegia and symptomatic epilepsy, systematic speech and underdevelopment and dysarthria. The family was fighting hard to help Arsenyi improve.  

During all these years the family tried a huge number of treating methods: they spent time in all rehab centers in Belarus but it didn’t bring any good results, so they decided not to waste time there anymore and tried individual treatment sessions of Voitotherapy in Moscow. After that Arsenyi’s legs and arms relaxed a lot.  They also tried reflex massage in MedC centre and after that the child started to turn from his tummy on his back. The family also went to Medical centre in Check Republic where the treatment was also very successful: the Arsenyi pronounced his first words Mama and Baba. 

Then the family went to China for 3 surgeries with stem cells, all the 3 surgeries went really well, Arsenyi relaxed and the right movements started to appear. His mental condition also improved greatly, he used his own language to communicate and surely expected an answer J

But unfortunately in August the child had a major seizure which lasted for about 30 minutes and after that sometimes he is like “flies away” or sinks in his thoughts deeply. The doctors didn’t know if it was some sort of seizures or these were neurological consequences.  

Thanks to some kind people the family managed to fund raise money to go to Germany for 2 days monitoring that showed that Arsenyi has no seizures as such but he has some brain activity that blocks child’s development. But the fact that there are no seizures means a lot, the doctors even reduced the dosage of his medications.

Unfortunately fighting CP is an extremely hard task. The orthopedist diagnosed pre-dislocation of Arsenyi’s hips and the child needs a surgery. To avoid a complicated surgery that involves complicated manipulations with bones and additional material to fix them the family found another way to help the child. The clinic in China, Beijing offered them Neurotomy which is easier to perform and to recover from. It costs 8.064 $.  But after that Arsenyi will need 5-week rehabilitation which costs additionally. Total amount makes 18.151 $. And the family is expected to be there on the 1st of June!

Surely for them this is an unbelievable amount. But they hope that there are good people that can put something towards Arsenyi treatment and that will surely help!

Mom says: “People have different needs: someone needs a car, someone a house, someone misses a yacht, but all I need is my child to meet me at the door on his feet asking: what did you bring for me, mommy?”

She believes that together we can make a huge change in child’s life!


Their banking details 


Charity accounts are open in branch №511/249 JSC «АSB „Belarusbank” — Minsk, Shishkina Str., 26

UNP: 100349858

MFO: 153001815

 — Belarusian rubles — transit account №3819382103561 for charity account №000007;

 — US dollars — transit account №3819382104993 for charity account №000007;

 — EURO— transit account №3819382104993 for charity account №000006;

— Russian rubles  — transit account №3819382104993 на for charity account №000007;

Purpose of payment: Treatment for Arsenyi Penkrat.



B244832608607- Belarusian rules

E185979770487- EURO

U322048533658- Ukrainian

Z272218529965- US dollars

R235476008499- Russian rubles


 +375296304528 Arsenyi’s mother – Tatiana Penkrat 


Minsk 220118 Shishkina Str., 20, building 1, apt 63 

Little Alise is looking for help

Dear friends, 

The family of little Alise Marchenko applied to us looking for help. Her brief story is: She was born 19.11.2006 in a single parent family. As usual for Belarus there is no father. But Alise has a sister. Since 2 months and a half she was diagnosed with a range of various diseases like Cerebral Palsy, spastic plegia, mental slowness. The mother fought for her daughter's health bravely, so the girl learned to crawl and sit up. But there is more to atchieve! As Alise has potencial the family looked for some treatment options. And one of the Chinese clinics offered them help (Beijing clinic for cerebral palsy). The treatment costs 18 000 dollars. Surely for the family it's a huge amount of money. That's why we apply to all who has some interest to help the family and to contribute towards the treatment. It doesn't have to be the whole amount, but every little helps. For banking details, please see this: 

Accounts are open for donations in Bank 527 "Belzherdor" JSC "АSB Belarusbank"  UNP 100783330 MFO 153001254

transit account for euros 3819382100936 for charity account 000022 in branch 527/527

transit accounts for dollars 3819382100936 for charity account 000275 in branch 527/527

The family address is 220055 Minsk, Nalibokskaya str. 44 - 75, Marchenko Alla, Tel: + 375336342673

We would appreciate your every help! Thanks in advance!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

"Dobra tut" Cherity Fund wishes a happy St. Patrick's Day to all our freinds - Irish and not only! 

First of all we sending our best wishes to the sponsors, partners, donators, volunteers of Вurren Chernobyl Project, Chernobyl Children's Trust, and everyone who is involved into helping people of our country. 

And of course, our best wishes to everyone we support and to all our freinds!




Diana is looking for friends!

Dear friends,

We are looking for your help! A family (single parent, no father!) from village Yazni, Vileiksy district, applied to us with such a thing: their 24 year old girl Diana Bogdan (31.01.1991) is looking for an opportunity to find new friends. As she lives in a small village and there are hardly any friends around and to get out from there regularly is extremely difficult because of her condition, she feels a bit lonesome.  

Thus we are asking you to help with this. The girl is looking for a second hand laptop (as it’ll be hard for her physical condition to use a desk top one), that can be donated to her. It doesn’t have to be something fancy but a good machine to be enough for surfing on Internet and become an active member of the internet social network society. If there is someone who is interested and eager to help, please contact the office in Minsk (AddressAngarskiy pereulok, 117, Minsk, Belarus, 220137 E-mail:, Telephone: + 375 (017) 243-55-21)

We will be extremely grateful!

(Unfortunately we don’t have a photo of Diana herself as the family didn’t provide it, but we promise to photograph the moment of passing your present to Diana and show it here on our website!)

Help to girl Zlata is urgently needed!

Dear all, 
in attachements there are a few documents regarding the case that we have got from a family in Brest (they are in Russian apart from a few documents from the clinic in Germany in English too and the last one with the underlined accounts). Zlata Gerasimuk (DOB 12.10.2011) has a very rare heart condition since she was born (multiple heart defect, CAVC - defect of common atrioventricular canal and lots of secondary diagnoses). 
The child had an operation on correcting the lung arteria. The opereation was very complicated but the child survived! That helped the child to breath without suffocating with blood. 
The family was trying to go to the next step as there was still a lot to fix as some of the doctors would describe her heart as "a piece of swiss cheese". They were consultating with clinics in Russia and Poland as well as in Germany. And it turned out that the specialist in Belarus and Russia didn't have enough expertise to carry out the next operation. But one of the doctors in Germany agreed to undertake the responsibility! 
So the bill that the family got from the clinic that needs to be paid before 16 of February 2015 makes 44,900.00 Euro + 1600 euro per day in the general room in the hospital (the attendent is included), and 1000 euro if the additional equipment (like a wheelchair) is needed. 
So if there is any possibility to help in any way, please, see the account in euros underlined in black (Bank address is in a black box). 
So we are asking you to make a little contribution! Every little helps! 
Big thanks in advance on behalf og the family!

Irish volunteers spending Christmas in Gorodische orphanage

We had an amazing group of Burren Chernobyl Project volunteers that were brave enough to come to Belarus in winter time. To add more to this they came at Christmas time! The week they spent in Gorodische orphanage was absolutely fantastic!

Ruth Byrne, one of the volunteers from Shannon, shares her impressions: 

”I was as giddy as a child waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve the night before we left for Belarus. I’d been looking forward to this trip for so long and it was finally here! It was great to have mum there to make it all the more special. We hadn’t met our third Musketeer Amanda till we arrived at Dublin airport but it was like we were old friends by the time we’d reached London. The butterflies were dancing around in each of us and we just couldn’t wait to get there.

Our first morning was the most overwhelming experience. We walked through the beautifully decorated corridors and arrived into the gym where we were met by a gigantic Christmas tree and the excited faces of children from all the groups!! They were all dressed smartly or in costume as it was a rehearsal party for the big performance the next day when the Minister for Social Defence would visit. We watched some beautiful dancing by the older ones and a hilarious play where the children sang and danced their hearts out. Vova was dressed as Fr. Frost giving out presents of beautiful Christmas boxes filled with sweets. There were party games afterwards with everyone dancing and the turning on of the Christmas lights too. This all happened again the next day but with everybody fully dolled up – costumes and makeup and some different children got to come to allow for as many of them to get to see it as possible. Some of the girls from groups 3 and 4 were dressed in donated Communion dresses from the Irish with tinsel trimmings making the perfect Christmas party dresses! All the older girls were getting another outing in their debs dresses collected by Kathleen during the summer, they felt like princesses!

We were delighted to be able to bring a group of 13 children to Baranovichi on Christmas Eve. The main reason was to get Andrei (G6) and Alosha (G2) fitted for glasses but of course we managed to squeeze some fun in too, we took them for lunch and went to see the huge Christmas tree in the middle of the town, sugared them up with ice-cream and let them loose in the arcade where we witnessed sheer and utter joy on their faces as they roared and shrieked with excitement!

On Christmas morning we had a disco with groups 1, 2 and 6 where everyone danced to the best of their ability and of course, we had a few confetti and presents to give out at the end. We brought Fr. Frost to G4 with yogurts and sweets. This was extra special because many of these children weren’t able to take part in the main party earlier in the week. I saw smiles on faces I’d never seen smile before, it was such a heart-warming experience.

We celebrated every birthday in the months December, January and February. We brought the infamous hats and glasses to each group and gave each of the birthday boys and girls presents. They were all delighted with the fuss over them. It was particularly nice because they wouldn’t normally have Irish there for their birthdays.

We gave all of group 3 (cots and beds) foot massages and new socks. Did art with the group 7 embroidery girls. We took the rest of group 7 out two at a time to the classroom and spent some time with them there. Played board games, cards and danced with group 2 every evening. Even though we couldn’t play football with them it was nice to be able to spend that time with them as some of them are still working out on the farm in the cold weather and enjoy the company. We went to group 5 and came out wrecked as you can imagine! They’re still as lively as ever J There were quite a few from 5 in sickbay so we managed to visit them briefly one day to give them yogurts, cyrok and presents. We chilled with the Independents each night chatting over tea or playing a game of cards. They’re all doing brilliantly, those that may have been quieter in the past are beginning to find their voices and it’s great to see them all taking part!

Over all it was a jam packed week full of festive fun. The children were in such high spirits, even the normally quieter ones were full of life. It was comforting in a way, to know that all this effort (decorations, parties and presents) is made every year even when there’re no important visitors such as the minister or other politicians. I definitely came home happier knowing this.

From everybody over there, we wish you a very Happy New Year and here’s to another busy year for Burren Chernobyl Project in 2015!!”

We thank Ruth, Rosie and Amanda for the fantastic time they spent with the children – it’s the best present ever! 

Aid delivered

Another load of humanitarian aid from Burren Chernobyl Project arrived in Minsk in late autumn 2014. After sorting out all the documents Dobra tut eventually distributed the aid from Ireland among the Institutions of Belarus. Clothes, shoes, bed linen, toys, etc went to the places that needed that most: asylums in Svir, Rakov, Stolbtsy (Kul village), some social service centers, etc. Full report on the aid that was delivered to the institution is provided in REPORT section.

We thank everyone in Ireland who donated things who helped with loading the truck, did the documents. And surely we thank our ladies in Dobra tut who dealt with all the documentation (and not only) here on this side!

Well done to everybody and thanks a million!

Christmas holidays for Gorodische children

A lovely week of holidays in Minsk from the 15th to the 21st of December became a fantastic present for a group of 9 young adults from Gorodische children’s orphanage. Boys and girls were delighted to be in Minsk at this special time of the year. One can think that a week is a long time but for them it went in a blink of an eye as so many pleasant and interesting things happened! The group attended a few Christmas Theater plays, went on a big celebration devoted to the New Year, saw a fabulous circus show and visited the Zoo to see a special dolphin performance. In Dom Zara the kids were also fully entertained – the clown show and the New Year show from the Magician left them breathless. The children also made friends with the volunteers from Maria Breen’s group; they were dancing together, doing arts and crafts, playing games and just having fun some of the evenings.

We hope that the children had a fantastic time, and we’d like to thank Burren Chernobyl Project for sponsoring this week, Maria Breen’s group for being with the children, the ladies who work in the Fund that helped by cooking and looking after the boys and girls, and everyone who was a part of this amazing time!

We wish all of you happy holidays and looking forward to seeing in the New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New 2015 Year!

Our dearest friends! 

We wish everybody - institutions and children and adults residing in them, our volunteers, our partners Burren Chernobyl Project, Chernobyl Children's Trust, and also all donators, workers of the Fund and everybody else who is involved into charity - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May the new year be successful, happy, merry, lucky! And of course we wish you good health!  

With endless love, 

Yours, "Dobra tut"

All they need is love

Sometimes when we think that our life is too far away from being a piece of cake, and we think that the worst thing that ever happened to us was that we screwed up the work, or broke a nail, or lost some cash, or didn’t buy another stupid thing that we actually didn’t need, we forget that there are children, adults that have nothing, and they are even not able to complain. They are locked away in institutions sometimes having only each other, and also for an uncertain time, as there is a high risk that they will be separated and transferred to another institution without any slightest possibility to communicate. Ever in their lives. The majority doesn’t think about it. They don’t want to know, that all these children or people need is a bit of love and attention.

This is to say thanks again to our Irish (and not only) volunteers that give away their love to such children and adults.

We have recently had a team of 2 volunteers from Dublin in Cherven children’s orphanage. And one of them, Carol, made a fabulous video – her memories of a week spent with the children.

We hope you will enjoy watching it. May be it’ll touch your heart, may be you will find lots of familiar faces, may be you’d want to join and volunteer. But the only absolute thing about this video that it won’t leave you indifferent.

So, enjoy.

And thank you, Carol again for a lovely video! (click the link below)

Warming up for the winter

The independent living house on site of Cherven psycho neurological asylum, village Yazovki, is getting ready for the winter time. All the heating project documentation is sorted and the work on connecting to the central pipe is in process. The house for the winter is nearly ready. The finishing works inside will be carried out in the near future. We will update you on further progress soon! 

No time for boredom!

In Cherven psycho neurological asylum, village Yazovki, where the Fund is involved in building project "House for independent living with supervision", life is literally boiling. Here are some moments of concert rehesarsal, a major pastime in the life of possible canditates for this project and their wonderful event organizer Mariana Siniavskaya. 

New volunteers – new impressions

Another bunch of lovely moments and memories we are happy to share with you.

Last week the two new volunteers from Dublin landed in Cherven orphanage to spend their time with the children. Carol and Dean barely knew each other before they came but to us they seemed best buddies. It’s amazing how fast they settled in and got to work with children and young adults in the orphanage.

The week was simply fabulous. They got to meet almost all children in most Units, used multi-sensory room to its full extent, spent evenings with older boys and girls, with lads in independent living Unit, met lovely children in the isolations Unit, did a cooking session at their local kitchen with the teacher, and simply had so much fun with the children.

Of course they bought lots of things for the orphanage: plates, colouring books, crayons, sweets, wool and embroidery stuff, etc. Also they brought from Ireland lots of clothes and some toys.

We always wonder how it will feel for the new people to be here, how they will react towards children and all our Belarusian reality, but we must confess that we hardly remember anyone who was leaving Belarus with bad impressions. And these two people were not an exception. The kindness and affection they showed the children was just amazing, and they were going back to Ireland making plans on what they can do and what they can bring when they come back here next time! And that’s an achievement, but sure how can anyone be indifferent to the children that they have spent the whole week with? And we are sure that Carol and Dean will be back, and we, on our hand will be happy to see them again!

Thank you very much again and again! 

Alena Martsyanava

Volunteers recollect

There is a lot to remember about this volunteer year in both orphanages: Gorodische and Cherven. Some groups were visiting both places which is a very difficult but a pleasant task! We are trying to gather some recollections of the volunteers that have spent their time in our institutions. And surely we thank all the groups and single volunteers that devoted their time to children. Every moment and every memory is different, and we will try and keep the record of them as much as we can.

Here is a small summery of one of your young but experienced volunteer from Clare, Ireland, Ruth Byrne, who kindly shared her impressions on her few week’s time in Belarus:

“My trip this year was no different from previous years in that there were hugs, kisses, smiles, tears and highs and lows alike but yet a completely different experience at the same time. I hadn’t travelled since 2012 and found some brilliantly simple but incredibly effective changes. Met lots of new faces and missed those that were gone. Overall I felt it was an extremely positive trip.
I visited Cherven first and was delighted to see group 5 (mainly wheelchair-bound children) had been moved to the ground floor and group 4 (mobile young children- similar to group 5 in Gorodishche) were moved upstairs. It was such a simple change but one that means all the children in both groups get outside for fresh air nearly every day during the summer. I spent a lot of time with group 5 getting some of the children up and out of their chairs for walks every day. They tired easily but were so happy and I was so proud to see them get up and go.
There were lots of new faces in group 6. I spent a good bit of time with the group helping with feeding and taking them out for walks. It was great to see them getting bigger and stronger; I saw a great improvement in Ira over the few days especially.
Group 1 was more difficult as not all of them were getting outside. This made the afternoon we brought Jenya out for some sun and fresh air all the more special. I only wish we had the time to bring them all out.
We had cake and a bit of a party for Nastia in group 3 to celebrate her 21st. The girls devoured the cake in minutes!! All the older kids are in great form too.
The senior yard was as lively as ever. The music corner was bopping the whole time with dancers and the lads were all having the craic making jokes at my pidgin Russian. It was great to see so many of the younger teens moved up from the younger groups, the older yard suits them better they seem much happier.

Gorodishche was brilliant; everyone seemed to be in great form. It was very obvious the huge number of volunteers that had visited over the summer with their smiling faces and enthusiasm had lifted the mood of both the children and workers alike, there was a great buzz about the place. I was delighted to see the new ramps outside between groups 3 and 4 and by the medical unit too. Also, the new door in group 4 that leads right out to the veranda has enabled the entire group to get outside for some fresh and sunshine air all summer.
It was great to see the yogurt programme still going strong. We fed yogurts to group 4 every day and to group 1 some days too. We continued the great work the girls had been doing and got Artsiom (group 4) out for a walk most days, either to the small gym or outside to the swings it was amazing to see the progress he made.

We had such a jam packed time doing activities with all the groups. We had art and sport with group 1. Soccer, games nights and music with group 2. Massages and music with groups 3 and 5 and music with group 7 too. We made salads with the embroidery girls twice a week and learned some yummy Belarusian recipes. We ended most evenings having a cuppa with the independents.
The independent living was without a doubt the biggest improvement I saw this year. The young adults living there are so proud of their accomplishments and were eager to show us. It’s a real family unit they have there and it was lovely to be a part of it for a little while. They have all come on so far from when they were in their groups. Some have calmed, others have come out of their shells but all of them are happier.
The independent living hasn’t only improved the lives of those living there but it has benefitted the girls and boys in groups 2 and 7 also. It was brilliant to see so many of their personalities shine this year, particularly the quieter ones who were always overshadowed by the bigger personalities. I felt there were huge improvements in group 2 especially.
On my first day some children from groups 6 and 7 got to go to the local ‘stadium’ where the teacher Alena organised all sorts of games for them to play. The children had great fun and of course it wouldn’t be a real treat without some ice-cream . We also brought a group to Bravanivichi for a day. We all had a great day out. The children loved all the activities. We treated them to lunch, some games at the arcade, an art exhibition and some ice-cream. They were as good as gold. Some of them even had a great chat with a local man on the bus home it was lovely to see him be so kind to them.
Over all it was a fantastic three weeks. All the smiles, all the challenges came with the full spectrum of emotions but I have to say it was probably my best trip yet. I was privileged to spend time with Mary, Laura, Ita and Robyn over the three weeks, each bringing something new to the table. My only regret is I couldn’t stay longer. Thank you Cherven, thank you Gorodishche, thank you Burren Chernobyl Project and a big thank you to all the volunteers who made a difference this summer by God was it worth it!

Charity Fund "Dobra tut" is the organization whose main priority is to support financially and materially some of the orphanages in Belarus and also involve volunteers into work with the children and adults.

You can support our projects by transferring money to our account, or become a volunteer and help the children and adults directly. On our website we provide you with the full report on the work of our Fund.


Verandas for Cherven
Matthew’s crew
Summer full of joy
What a nice company!
Two places are a good idea!

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