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Love affair with Cherven

We must admit that we are extremely lucky to have such fantastic and incredible volunteers from Ireland like Dean Ladrigan (Dublin), and Sean Hegarty (Wexford) to return to Belarus to the childr Читать далее

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Aid from Ireland keeps coming

This year we have received several humanitarian aid trucks from our main sponsor -Barren Chernobyl Project. And they do not stop here! Читать далее

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Autumn adventure in Gorodische

Our Irish volunteers never seize surprising us with their love and dedication to our children. Neither long trips, nor bad autumn weather stop them from coming to Belarus. Читать далее

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Summer 2017 in Gorodische

Those who are familiar with the work that we do, probably heard that this summer was one of the busiest in the history of our cooperation with Gorodische children’s orphanage. Читать далее

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We say thanks!

We say thank you to a wonderful person Julia Drozdova for her interest to our work, wish to help others and donations! 

Many thanks for your kind and caring heart! Читать далее

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Gorodische-Cherven team

Every year dozens of Burren Chernobyl Project volunteers travel to Belarus with our Fund to visit our children. Читать далее

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New Verandas

The new verandas in Cherven children’s orphanage are already in place! Читать далее

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Looking after the graveyards

Volunteers from the Barren Chernobyl Project help look after the graveyards in Gorodische and Cherven orphanages regularly. Читать далее

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Volunteers memories about Cherven

While Gorodische children's orphanage is packed with Irish volunteers non stop, we cherish those few people who chose to come to Cherven orphanage instead and give their time and love to the chi Читать далее

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Great fun in Cherven

It has been a pure delight. Читать далее

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Big thanks from the Department

We are very happy to announce that yesterday at the VIP celebration of the 20-year anniversary of the Department of Humanitarian Aid in Minsk Burren Chern Читать далее

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Summer brings new friends

We are very delighted that this year Cherven children’s orphanage is getting more volunteers from Ireland. Читать далее

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The last but not the least

When we first heard the news, that the building team of Roche pharmaceutical plant was coming for their last charity trip to Belarus, we got very upset. Читать далее

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Cold spring, warm hearts

As good as it is to meet the old friends it is also nice to welcome new people. And they become part of our life. Читать далее

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Charity Fund "Dobra tut" is the organization whose main priority is to support financially and materially some of the orphanages in Belarus and also involve volunteers into work with the children and adults.

You can support our projects by transferring money to our account, or become a volunteer and help the children and adults directly. On our website we provide you with the full report on the work of our Fund.

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